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Swagelok Indonesia

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Alternative Fuels

Alterative Fuels

Swagelok Is Driving Change in Indonesia

The image above highlights the traffic problems and associated pollution issues in Jakarta, Indonesia. Swagelok Indonesia is highly active in the alternative fuels market here in Indonesia to help work towards a cleaner, greener future. We supply Swagelok products to light duty and heavy duty transportation vehicles as well as refueling station applications across Jakarta. Furthermore, our products can be currently found in CNG platforms across a wide range of the world's biggest car manufacturers.

To find out more, read our Alternative Fuels Interactive PDF

Swagelok Indonesia offers a number of products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of our Alternative Fuel and Transportation customers, including:-

  • Alternative Fuel Service Ball Valves (AFS)
  • Hose
  • Small Bore tubing instead of pipe (3/4-2 inch)
  • Fabrication and assembly services e.g. CNC panels, fuel line integration

Please Contact Us  to find out more or speak to one of our technical team.

Watch this short video for information on Swagelok's commitment to the Alternative Fuels and Transportation Industry. From CNG to LNG to H2 applications, Swagelok's global network of associates is ready to partner with you for your light and heavy duty, high horse power, and infrastructure projects.

Case Studies

Swagelok has partnered with a number of customers to support their business needs. We are pleased to be able to share two customer case studies.

In the first case study, Swagelok partnered with Green Alternative Systems (GAS), a fleet-conversion company (, who relied on Swagelok custom solutions to accelerate production time and produce significant labor cost savings. Swagelok collaborated with GAS to constantly evaluate how to positively impact business performance factors such as speed, quality, consistency and reliability. The following video tells the story.


The second case study, explains how Swagelok supported Creative Bus Sales to successfully pass the Altoona Bus Testing program of the Federal Administration by the Pennsylvanian Transportation Institute.  The test involved heavy vibration of the fuel lines and the fittings and tubing needed to withstand the vibration. Each conversion used 40-50 fittings and 500m of tubing.

To find out more please read the Customer Story PDF


Trust Swagelok NG series natural gas hose assemblies which are certified for NGV3.1-2014 Class B (on-vehicle applications outside the engine compartment) and NGV4.2-2014 Class A and Class D (dispensing systems).

Please Contact Us to find out more or speak to one of our technical team.